Shortly after attempting a permanent escape from his life, Josh chose to live a life that was meaningful to him. 

creative at heart, with five years as a performing jazz pianist and educator,
to experiencing a lethal emotional crisis
and finding himself at the frontlines of social innovation,

Josh began advising on many non-profit boards & initiatives, including a youth-enterprise hub,
modelled as an incubator for young creatives, changemakers, and entrepreneurs,
called OYEH.

Less than a year later, OYEH had won a National Award in Economic Development
for cultivating 13 new start-ups, and receiving 2300+ attendees.

Following media attention in articles nationally,
Josh graduated from the Bendigo Bank Community Fleurieu Future Leaders program
and then Co-Founded the Fleurieu Leaders Youth Program.

A natural storyteller, seeking to normalise and disrupt the narrative, 
 Josh informs groups & individuals on ways to assist and accompany themselves
during emotional distress, to anticipate challenges,
and create space for emotional connection,

Through presenting his personal wisdom found throughout his journey
and sharing insights discovered through over a decade living in,
working with, and learning from small community groups with complex social challenges.

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Let me tell you my story.

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I’ll be sharing insights and ideas from my journal, from my work, and my personal life.

Come with me on this journey, and let’s see what unfolds.

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Josh has had the opportunity to work with and learn from leading social organisations by drawing from his creative thinking and improvisational skills and applying them to community develoment and innovation frameworks for social health campaigns and initiatives.

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